Angelina Bong


Acrylic and Mixed-Media Ink Illustrations


Instagram: @swakgel
Facebook: @angelinabongartist


ANGELINA BONG is a visual artist and poet with a background in Fashion. A pilgrim traveller, she seeks the sacred in the ordinary and grandeur, both at home and in her travels, celebrating diversity beyond borders while doing so. These contemplative encounters are expressed in her creative works. At times, her keen observation skills and vivid imagination serve as catalysts in her visual creations.

She focuses largely on acrylic and exploration of mixed media in her paintings, sometimes incorporating her fashion knowledge such as beading. Dabbling in black and white ink illustrations, utilising lines and patterns are also one of her favourite ways of inventing fresh stories.

Engaging with community wherever she goes, she has conducted painting classes in Japan, orang utan workshops for rural kids with Wildlife Conservation Society, art sessions in Brunei and etc. She is currently the Secretary of Sarawak Artists Society. Since the pandemic hit in 2020, she started teaching arts and crafts online. She sells most of her art online and by commissions; occasionally paired with poetry. Some of her pieces now reside in homes across the globe in countries like Brunei, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, UK, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Cyprus, Russia, United States, Japan and etc.

She has participated in numerous collective exhibitions including a 2018 Sarawak-China joint art exhibition in Foshan. Her first solo Art and Poetry exhibition was held during an art-writing residency in Wonju, South Korea 2018. She was an artist in residence at Datai Langkawi in March 2019. In Dec 2019, her latest art venture outside Sarawak before Covid-19 hit was at an international art camp in Kedah alongside 97 artists from 14 countries.

Artist Works

Spiralling Dreams

The Plea

Rain on Me

From The Rising of the Sun

Birthing Dreams

Jagalah Dedaun Kita