Anthony Roseli Ripen

Bau, Sarawak

Semi abstract expressionist & naturalisme artist



Anthony Roseli Ripen is a Bidayuh artist was born in 1973 at Kampung Atas Singgai Bau, Sarawak. He was a teacher at Lundu Secondary School and teach science subject. He graduated with Bachelor Degree in Science and Art with an elective skills in painting using mixed medium such as oil colour, water colour and acrylic. First attempt to paint with
medium such as water colour when his age 16, and he continues to paint even today. He is a member of Sarawak Artist Society since 2018 and become Artist membership of National Art Gallery Malaysia since 2021. He specializes in nature and abstract paintings.

Art Exhibition:

October 2018 - SYMPHONY (Malaysia & China Arts & Culture Joint Exhibition during World Arts Convention at Saradise Gallery, Kuching.

April 2019 - Our Story at Saradise Gallery, Kuching

December 2019 - 34th Annual Art Exhibition at Saradise Gallery, Kuching

September 2021 - Art Exhibition at Pustaka Negeri Sarawak

October 2021 - Art Shows at Pullman Hotel Kuching

Artist Works

Bidayuh Jagoi Culture

The Voice of Sarawak 2

The Voice of Sarawak 1

Dayung “B” in Action

The Bidayuh Jagoi Costume

The Spirit Of Sarawak – Part 1