Gerald Goh Teck Joo

Kuching, Sarawak

Claywork, acrylics on canvas, oils



A potter by birth, designer by nature, an artist driven by passion and an entrepreneur/Arts Event organizer by discipline, Gerald Goh has been leveraging these elements on his plate with a touch of Sarawak ‘s unique culture.

Born on 20th October 1968, Gerald has been serving the Art and Tourism Industry in Sarawak with his diverse field of expertise that support, directly and indirectly, the mainstream arts and events activities pertinent to the growth of arts and Tourism in the state.

His mission has always been into capturing a platform that features Sarawak’s best to the international audiences, be it his arts, crafts, food, design and any other possible creative ventures. through these passions in arts and tourism, Gerald has created three national records in the Malaysian Book of Records in 2015, 2017 and 2019. He has also been passionate about upgrading the art appreciation level in Sarawak and had been organizing International Art related Events to link local artists with the established artists worldwide.

 In 2019, he made a major decision to upgrade himself by taking up a postgraduate research-based Master in Arts program with Unimas as well as getting involved in active research and restoration of Sarawak historical buildings. In 2020, in view of the increasing need of training and capacity building in the industry brought about by the new normal of the Covid 19 Pandemic, he ventured into a “Train and Trainer” program and is now a Certified Trainer under the Malaysian Human Resource Development Fund. 

Artist Works

The First Eucharist

Memoir of the Ring ladies

The Prayer

Harvest in the drizzles

The mystique Kampung Bako