Joanne Lau

Sibu, Sarawak

Acrylic on canvas; Contemporary/abstract/impressionist



I am a retired educationist who started actively painting in 2009, firstly realism then switching to abstract/impressionist work in 2010.

My first public debut was in 2014 when I exhibited in David Chew’s solo show and sold my first piece , The Vibrancy of Youth.

In 2016, I exhibited in London, alongside 9 other contemporary artists, following which 3 pieces were sold: Raining in Mulu, Jungle Harmony and Journey of Hope. Some of my works are currently exhibited in Dublin.

In between, I exhibited with the Sarawak Artist Society in Kuching and sold , The Sanctuary.

In recent years, I have done several commissioned pieces for new offices and homes. My works are predominantly sought after by the young corporate category.

I paint with a concept, an inspiration and a passion bringing in the colours and strokes that define the mood when the painting is viewed upon completion.

Of late, I have started painting with both hands and they compliment each other. I have attained my defining signature style .

Being a contemporary artist, I prefer to do a variation of styles and techniques . I paint with joy and passion and that’s the most rewarding experience!

Artist Works

Abstract making connection painting colorful vibrant color artwork by Joanne Lau

Making Connections III

fanatsy tre paint by acrylic, colorful vibrant painting by Joanne Lau

The Fantasy Trees I

The Kaleidoscope Series I

A Collage of My Life


Misty Morning II

The Light

A Blessed Home

The Sanctuary