Michelle Liou

Mentakab, Pahang

Abstract-Acrylic on canvas and Chinese brush painting



Michelle is a modern narrative artist from Kuching, Sarawak.

She has been an enthusiast of art from a young age. She was working in the finance and insurance sectors, and later, as a Montessori-trained educationist. She gave all that up to become a full-time artist more than ten years ago after she had the opportunity to study with many well-known artists. She paints mainly abstract acrylic on canvas, and she also enjoys Chinese painting.

Michelle uses her narrative art to tell a story, inspired by the beauty of nature and landscape. A lover of nature and greenery, her artworks focus mainly on natural habitats, such as, the Borneo rainforest, picturesque landscapes, people, and flora and fauna. Her source of inspiration comes from observing the surrounding environment, listening to others, and travelling. She enjoys using her imagination to explore the amorphous and unfettered freedom of abstract art.

Michelle’s abstract art captures the impulsive big strokes of the brush, pouring, dripping and splashing and palette knife technique, using different media and techniques. Many of her abstract paintings are created by actions of brushing, dripping, splashing, smearing and pouring techniques over the canvas, resembling artistic lines, filaments, strands and patches of colours moving in every direction.

Each of her paintings has its own clues, revealing her feelings and emotions, blending together to formulate a story of peace, love and hope. Her paintings have been displayed in several galleries and exhibitions.

1. July 2010 “Artists of Tomorrow” at Pustaka Negri Sarawak, Kuching

2. Feb 2014 “Encounter” at LOV Gallery, Kuching

3. Nov 2015 “Caring for Sarawak - Our Common Home” SAS 30th Annual Art Exhibition at Spring Shopping Mall, Kuching

4. Nov 2015 “Caring for Sarawak - Our Common Home” in Collaboration with the French Embassy Art Exhibition at Alliance Francaise, Kuala Lumpur

5 April 2017 “Feel Us” SAS 32nd Annual Art Exhibition at Saradise Gallery, Kuching

6. May 2017 7th International Hornbill Conference Art Exhibition at Riverside Majestic Hotel, Kuching

7. Oct 2017 “Colours of Kuching” at Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching

8. Dec 2017 “Run for the Wild” at Hilton Hotel, Kuching

9. June 2018 “SUDUT See Sarawak Art Through A Different Perspective” at Saradise Gallery, Kuching

10. Sept 2018 “Symphony - Malaysia & China Arts & Culture Joint Exhibition” organised by World Art Convention, at Saradise Gallery, Kuching

12. Dec 2019 “The Moving Strokes” SAS 34th Annual Art Exhibition at Saradise Gallery, Kuching

13. Feb 2021 “Chinese Lunar New Year Chinese Calligraphy & Art Exhibition” Online organised by Kuching Chung Hua Arts Association

14. Sept 2021 Sarawak Festival Exhibition 2021, Visual and Physical Art Exhibition at Pusaka Sarawak Kuching and Youtube online

Artist Works



Leaves in Happy Rhythm

The Sound of Nature

Night View of Grandfather’s Village

Heaven and Earth