Narong Daun

Kuching, Sarawak

Silk painting


Facebook: Narong Dauns | Instagram: @narongdaun292


A proud Bidayuh hailing from the Penrissen Region, Narong is a self-taught artist and one of Borneo’s Finest Indigenous Artists. Her highly stylized work is inspired by both nature and culture, by the lush sights, sounds and smells of the rainforest, and by the traditionally brilliant colours & motifs of Sarawak native societies. Renowned for her vivid Batik Silk Paintings for the last 20 years.

Through her hands, Sarawak’s Culture, flora & fauna are brought boldly to life; transformed into striking images that fold captivatingly into each other. Her unique style has made her one of Sarawak’s most sought-after artists. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and conventions in Malaysia, Thailand, India, Australia & Hawaii. Locally examples of her work adorn the walls of the Sarawak State Library, Cat Museum, Grand Margherita Hotel, Ambank Group and The Waterfront Hotel Kuching. Her notable recognitions include placing in the top 10 participants at the prestigious Piala Seri International Batik Competition (2004) and Outstanding Bidayuh Woman in Art Award 2015 from the Dayak Bidayuh Association.

Her career spans the late 90’s and from 2001 to 2012, Narong was artist-in-residence at Ramsay Ong’s famous Artrageously Ramsay Ong Art Gallery in Kuching. Now she is a Freelance Artist, working and living in Malaysia and Germany.

Artist Works

Sumbuk Nyerindang (Grandmother Performing Bidayuh Traditional Dance – Nyerindang)

Foraging Mystical Jungle (Village life)

Beauty Of Nature

Lucky 9 – Dedaun (leaves)

Butterflies And Yellow Bamboo

Jungle Hero